Warbly Jets S/T LP (2017)

Warbly Jets S/T LP (2017)

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The first Warbly Jets album. After only releasing lead single "Alive" Warbly Jets catapulted from garage band to internationally touring hit, all independently. With one track under their belt Warbly Jets toured China, UK, EU and the states 3 times over all while folks like Sirius XM, Brooklyn Vegan, Beat 1 and other top media outlets raves about the band being the next coming of true independent rock.

Featuring songs like "Alive" (Spiderman), "Fast Change" (Need For Speed), "The Lowdown" (Lucifer), and many more. 

1. Alive
2. The Lowdown
4. Shapeshifter
5. Keep Pushin'
6. Raw Evolution
7. Fast Change
8. Head Session
9. Pt. II
10. 4th Coming Bomb
11. Getting Closer (Than I Ever Have)

We are truly honored to have made this album with some of our best friends and the memories made will stay with us always. Grab a copy of this one. You won't regret it. 

Originally released October 21, 2017 on Rebel Union Recordings/Warbly Jets.